This topic has been widely written and argued about all across the buzzing hype universe of the Internet, but I feel like adding my own two cents to The Side Of All That Is Good And Right will be fulfilling.

My main concern is something I’ve talked about before on this blog, which is today’s evolving pop culture and the disgusting, unfortunate way it has of making horrible things acceptable. This sort of appropriation is one of the embodiments of moral decay that I’m seeing more and more with each passing year… (Twerking. Every Top 40 hit is about fucking. Etc.) More talented artists are acting in truly upsetting ways. Finding out that an artist you like is in some way a jerk is something I hate. But anyway-

Chris Brown is a smug little bastard. I’m not surprised that a stupid twerp with a load of money and an obscenely inflated ego went ahead and resorted to being violent with his girlfriend. Even once I got past the initial shock of exactly how badly Chris Brown beat Rihanna while driving, two things remain completely beyond me:

1. A significant portion of the public/music television viewers accept him- nay- SUPPORT him even still.
2. Even after constant arrogant responses when asked about the incident, Brown shows little to no perceivable remorse, and is still somehow given an unprecedented amount of airtime during the Grammys.

I won’t even get into the boiling pot of repulsiveness and sadness that is Brown’s emptyheaded female following. That is a whole realm of banter on misogyny and women’s roles that I could go on about another time. The point here is that I just keep shaking my head at television and computer screens, screaming in my head “HOW IS THIS ALL OKAY? WHEN DID THIS BECOME SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE?”

That is the problem. But as fans, followers, and supporters of music artists, we do have power. The Grammys are and probably always have been a tool of molding culture. Regardless, I think with the power to be vocal and informed that the Internet age gives us, we are capable of dictating what we want to see and hear. Accepting the moral rot that can sometimes result from the flux of pop culture is not unavoidable. I just hope everyone can open their eyes and realize this.

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